What is supervision?

What is supervision?If you are unfamiliar with the idea of supervision, this page gives a brief explanation. If you are a professional seeking supervision please look here.

All counsellors and psychotherapists are required to have regular, ongoing supervision of their work. This applies just as much to experienced practitioners as to trainees. Supervision is an important aspect of therapists’ continuing professional development.

The aim of supervision is to make sure the therapist is helping the client in the best possible way, and is working to professional standards. Supervision is one of the ways the profession can ensure work of a high quality. Supervision also monitors safe practice. If a supervisor finds evidence of unsafe, or unethical practice, they can report their concerns for investigation.

If you are seeking a counsellor, it is acceptable to ask about their supervision arrangements. Make sure that he or she has regular supervision in place.

Supervisors are bound by the same Ethical Frameworks as therapists, and this includes confidentiality. Like your counsellor, the supervisor of your counsellor will not talk about you outside the supervision session (unless reporting a concern, as above).