Supervision of counsellors

Supervision of counsellorsThe purpose of the supervision of counsellors is to increase the benefits of counselling, to the clients of the supervisee. I will help you describe your work in ways which open up more options for you to be of help to your clients.

As the supervision relationship develops we will attend to three key areas:

  • Professional development. Supervision provides a context for ongoing learning and development of your practice. Being able to reflect on your work will help you grow as a therapist.
  • Support. Working as a counsellor is unsettling and sometimes distressing. Some therapeutic relationships are hard to carry. The support of supervision helps you through difficult times and guides you in developing the internal resilience to support yourself.
  • Monitoring. Supervision provides an overview of the quality and safety of your work. If I think you are practising in unsafe ways we will decide together what action we will take. For example we may agree that you will inform a person who needs to know, for reasons of safeguarding.

Your internal supervisor

Over time, counsellors develop a more and more reliable “internal supervisor” which guides their own work. This does not replace the need for meetings with an external supervisor, but the two work together. I am interested in co-operating with, and working alongside your internal supervisor. I am grateful to my own supervisors, over the years, for their kindness and guidance.

The best way to arrange supervision is to come for an initial meeting. You can then experience directly the way I work. It is perfectly acceptable to try several supervisors in this way, before deciding who to work with.

It is helpful to change your supervisor every few years, to make sure you are not getting too comfortable in an over-familiar situation.

My experience of the supervision of counsellors is here.

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