Other experience

Other experience

I started working as a counsellor in 1990, but before that I had the usual range of other experience. I have been a gardener, a reception teacher, a film projectionist, a long-distance driver. I lived and worked in Paris, where I was a night porter, and Nurnberg, where I taught English. I travelled and worked in Africa for two and a half years, cycling from London to Capetown. I studied English literature at Birmingham university and did a PGCE teacher training at Sheffield university. Although I was brought up in the Pennines and the Lake District I’ve spent most of my life living in towns. I am years old. I have been married for years. I live in Leeds.

The therapy I offer involves an awareness of the body. I came to this position through developing my own yoga and meditation practice and also the experience of being a student of Alexander Technique. I have done the Permaculture Design Certificate course and I am studying for my Permaculture Diploma. I like canoeing, walking, doing outdoor work and being in the countryside.

I believe in fairness and in sharing power between people. I have sought various roles connected with re-dressing everyday injustices of power, such as that between men and women in our society. The power imbalances we see in the world around us are often reflected in our internal lives. It is important, in therapy, to listen for silenced voices – parts of us which are not getting a chance to be heard.

I believe that life can be an adventure and a precious gift. When we have lost our sense of enjoying it, then we need to figure out what needs to change.

I have years experience as a counsellor. More on my professional experience and training.