Book an initial meeting

Book an initial meeting

What is an initial meeting?

Choosing a counsellor can seem intimidating because there are so many different counsellors and models of counselling. The best way is to book an initial meeting.

In therapy the single most important factor is how you get on with your counsellor. You need to feel relaxed and at ease. Because therapists know this, it is usual to start with an “initial meeting” for you and the counsellor to decide if you work well together. Use this meeting to see how you feel in the session. If you wish you can go away and mull it over, before you commit yourself to further meetings. It is perfectly acceptable to try several therapists in this way, before you decide.

In the initial meeting, I am working out if I can help. I will ask you about your situation, and what you are hoping to get from counselling. I will be honest if I think it is not an issue that I can help with. If I can’t help I will suggest ways to find someone who can.

Contact me to book an initial meeting.